Sapphire protects your vehicle from harmful UV rays, oxidation, abrasion, fallout, chemicals and other contaminates by curing and bonding to the surface creating a high-gloss, hard and durable protective layer that is guaranteed to last for years.


Our network of applicators are experts at restoring paint and gel-coat by removing years of oxidation and contaminants to reveal a brilliant and flawless finish.


Backed by ASTM testing Sapphire extends the life of paint and gelcoat by providing an extremely durable barrier between the painted surface and the environment.


Sapphire’s hydrophobic finish reduces cleaning expenses by repelling water and contaminants that can harm paint or gel-coat. Your investment will stay cleaner for longer, requiring less washing and no waxing.


Sapphire’s ceramic high-gloss finish sets your vehicle apart from the rest and is sure to turn heads on the road, water and tarmac.


Sapphire saves water by reducing how often you need to wash your investment. It repels contaminants and our dry-wash system completely eliminates the need for water.

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David comes from over 30 years of experience as a professional, elite auto detailer. He has a distinct passion and eye for detail, having developed an exclusive detailing system that has served thousands of satisfied customers.

David offers services that are a perfect fit from your everyday vehicle, to your most prized possession.

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